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Nextiles Keeps Top Tier Athletes and Arms Healthy

Nextiles Arm Sleeves Help Top Tier Athletes Safely Increase Velo and Track Reps During Winter Training

New York, January 8, 2024 – Nextiles, the leader in smart fabric technology for coaches and athletes, today announced its partnership with Top Tier, the leading baseball travel organization in the country with over 5,000 athletes.

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Top Tier athletes utilized the Nextiles Arm Sleeve during its winter velo-depot program. The program aims to improve velocity for athletes while creating customized throwing programs during offseason training. 

The Nextiles Arm Sleeve and mobile app were both used during the program to help monitor and track workload, arm stress and reps. Athletes were fitted with the smart compression sleeves, and coaches were able to stream data in real-time to understand the amount of effort for every throw and total rep counts. The athletes were also able to review their own data with the Nextiles Mobile App to understand how hard they were throwing.

At the beginning of the program, each athlete baselined arm health with the Nextiles arm velocity and torque metric. This baseline provided athletes and coaches with valuable data to understand how to customize throwing programs for every individual. 

Top Tier athletes were also given the chance to beta the soon-to-be-released Nextiles Personalized Intensity Zone, powered by artificial intelligence. This AI Zone provides every athlete with a simple, yet customized 0-10 number to understand how hard each athlete is throwing relative to 100% effort level. This AI percentage is customized to the athlete’s age, weight and height, and is relative to the amount of arm speed as well as torque for every throw. 

"The Nextiles Arm Sleeve and App helped us monitor arm stress in real-time during our Velocity Program this offseason,” said Top Tier Coach Seth Kenny. “Our coaches and athletes were able to better understand throw mechanics and personalize throwing programs based on the Nextiles Intensity score. Being able to monitor torque in real-time helped keep our athletes healthy, while still seeing improvements in arm velocity."

In addition to coaches being able to track workload through the Nextiles Mobile App, coaches were able to review data in CSV file format via the Nextiles Web Dashboard. This enterprise tool from Nextiles provided coaches a way to further customize throwing programs for each athlete. Athletes were able to understand the information in a seamless fashion.

“The Sleeve technology was something I didn’t even know could be achieved,” said Top Tier Athlete Jack Slightom. “The way it tracks my effort level, my torque level, my arm speed, my pitch count, and even being able to track all of my data through the app was something pretty astonishing. It was also easy, after I learned about how all of the data works to sit and analyze anything that could have been a sign of overworking or signs of bad arm health. I could look at my torque levels and see if they were higher than normal and I can also look at how hard my arm is working and if it's a sign of overexertion.”

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