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Nextiles Partners with Helix Performance Physical Therapy

Nextiles Arm Sleeves and App Used to Enhance Helix PT Throwing Protocols 

New York, December 28, 2023 – Nextiles, the leader in smart fabric technology for coaches and athletes, today announced a partnership with Helix PT, one of the industry’s leaders in return-to-throw programming and physical therapy. 

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Helix PT will utilize the Nextiles Arm Sleeve and software to track arm stress in real-time and overall rep tracking to further customize throwing programs for its elite athletes. By utilizing the Nextiles Web Dashboard, Helix PT will be able to manage, track and review all athlete data with one login.

"Partnering with Nextiles and utilizing their innovative Arm Sleeve has revolutionized how I approach rehabilitation and performance tracking as a healthcare practitioner,” said Helix PT owner Wes Anderson. “With the ability to precisely monitor metrics, especially intent in the arm during throws, I can provide real-time feedback to my athletes, ensuring we stay on track with our goals and milestones. In today's data-driven world, it's not just about inundating throwers with numbers; it's about delivering actionable insights. Thanks to Nextiles, our players are experiencing remarkable results, reinvigorating their enthusiasm for rehab and performance improvement. Grateful for this incredible product!"

Learn more about how Wake Forest University Baseball uses the Nextiles technology here

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